Stand Alone Novel
Book 8
By: Abby Ayles

A Guiding Light for the Lost Earl: A Clean & Sweet Regency Historical Romance

Abby Ayles
 He’s searching for a guiding light. She’s yearning for a safe harbor. Destiny will come knocking on their door...

Since he lost his wife, Francis Blackburn, the Earl of Ashfield, has withdrawn from the world and his two young children. There is nothing that can shake him out of his grief… or so he thought. Miss Emma Baker, newly orphaned and with her brother mysteriously absent, carries the weight of the world on her shoulders. The only way to avoid destitution is to start working, and she suddenly finds herself in Blackburn Manor in a position she never expected…

With the arrival of the new governess, an unexpected breath of fresh air comes to chase away the storm clouds in this family, and in Francis’ heart… and Emma finds much more than a family she’s desperate to mend – dreams of love lie in wait in the depths of sapphire blue eyes. But Emma has secrets, secrets that suddenly become too heavy for her to carry, and Francis receives a blackmail that will chill him to the bone.

When an unforeseen enemy entraps them in a devious scheme, Emma and Francis will have to fight for family and love before everything turns to ashes…

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Abby Ayles was born in the northern city of Manchester, England, but currently lives in Charleston, South Carolina, with her husband and their three cats. She holds a Master’s degree in History and Arts and worked as a history teacher in middle school.

Her greatest interest lies in the era of Regency and Victorian England and Abby shares her love and knowledge of these periods with many readers in her newsletter.

In addition to this she has also written her first romantic novel, Her Cautious Duke, which is set in the era and is available for free on her website. As one reader commented – ‘Abby’s writing makes you travel back in time…’

When she has time to herself, Abby enjoys going to the theatre, reading and watching documentaries about Regency and Victorian England.


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