Book 2
By: Alisha Klapheke

Band of Breakers

Alisha Klapheke

Vahly is changed. Power sizzles beneath her skin.

The earth’s heartbeat drums inside her, driving her to the distant western mountains and the sunken ruins of the last Earth Queen’s city.

But she has no idea why.

If she doesn’t untangle and master her newfound earth magic before a band of nihilistic, rogue dragons find her, the world will end in a crashing wave, all land life undone by the Sea Queen.

Discover the series that fans of Tamora Pierce, Sarah J. Maas, Ursula K. LeGuin, and Christopher Paolini are raving about!

If you love elves, dragons, gryphons, magic, mages, wizards, and epic fantasy with a touch of slow burn romance, you’ll love the Dragons Rising series.
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When USA Today Bestselling author Alisha Klapheke isn’t busy writing, she teaches martial arts and travels the world. She also writes paranormal romance and urban fantasy under the pen name Eve A. Hunt.


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