Stand Alone Novel
By: Abigail Agar

Confessions of a Betrayed Lady

Abigail Agar

Sarah Armstrong, the daughter of a wealthy merchant, has always dreamed of becoming a lady of elegance and sophistication. Visions of meeting the perfect gentleman fill her head as her first London season draws nigh. But falling in love with the man of her dreams proves anything but simple. Her maiden aunt protests when a charming young gentleman asks to court her. Finding herself next to the man she likes, little did she know that an old friend was watching jealously from the side, as he felt that something did not seem quite right about her new beau…When, in an instant, everything turns upside down in Sarah’s life, will she be able to entrust her bruised heart to Miles?

Sarah’s blue eyes have been haunting Sir Miles Farrington’s dreams for years. He has been in love with her since they were little, but mishaps seem to follow him wherever he goes, despite his attempts to act like a gentleman…His brother reminds him that he must stop his childish pranks if he wants to have a chance to win Sarah’s fiery heart. The more determined she is to avoid him, the more determined he is to win her heart. Will he be able to convince Sarah that they are meant to be together? And that she is perfect just the way she is?

When Sarah finds out that her new beau has only been courting her to get close to her cousin, she is devastated and outraged. This seems to be the perfect opportunity for Miles to claim Sarah’s wounded heart once again and prove to her that true love exists. Soon their paths begin to entwine more than either of them expected and they must find a way to unfold their complicated feelings. How is he to prove his love is genuine? Will he convince her that he is the one for her? In the end, is the choice actually hers to make?

“Confessions of a Betrayed Lady” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Abigail Agar was born in Louisiana where she spent her teen years until she moved to Austin, where she currently lives.

She has a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and is teaching English as a foreign language teacher.

In her spare time, she loves working towards her child dream to become a world-renowned author!

She is fascinated by the Victorian and Regency periods and gets her inspiration from stories from those eras.

Abigail is recently married to her college sweetheart and planning to expand her family since she loves children!

When not writing, Abigail is spending time with non-privileged kids and relaxing with her husband.


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