Book 3
By: Madeline Freeman


 A hacker without loyalty. A psychic without hope. A future in peril.

Declan Perth is an expert in looking out for himself. As a highly sought-after hacker, he has spent years moving from job to job, concerned only with who could pay the most. But after his last mission nearly made him a murderer, he longs to make amends.

Tressa Bakar spent the last six years hidden away from the world—and from anyone who might seek to exploit her mind-reading abilities. She longs to end her life of isolation—if even only for a day—but her handler forbids it.

When their lives collide, Declan finds himself linked to Tressa in an unforeseen way. His companion, Calix Reed, is desperate to use Tressa’s power, but unleashing her ability is more dangerous than any of them imagine.

Fans of Marissa Meyer will love this pulse-pounding tale!

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Madeline Freeman lives in the metro-Detroit area with her husband, her daughter and son, and her cats. She loves anything to do with outer space, plate tectonics, and dinosaurs, and secretly hopes her kids will become astronomers or paleontologists. She always wants pizza. Her hobbies include filling notebooks with ideas for future books, pretending to be a unicorn for her daughter to ride, trying to figure out if her husband is joking or being serious, and making her son giggle.


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