Stand Alone Novel
By: Orpah Lambright

Unbreakable Amish Love

Orpah Lambright

Rebecca Bawell had been friends with Arden Troyer ever since the two of them had been children walking to school together. They lived on neighboring farms. One night at a singing, she finds herself staring at him. She doesn’t know what it means.

Arden notices that Rebecca is staring at him and asks her about it. However, Rebecca does not have an answer for Arden. He lets the subject drop. Then he and Rebecca begin speaking with Elmer Yoder who is new to town. He came because he wanted to ask Arden to leave the community of Lancaster and go to a different community for a few months.

Arden refuses Elmer’s request for assistance as he had much to do in Lancaster for the people of his community. However, Elmer sticks around for a bit because he is attracted to Rebecca. Now, Rebecca is faced with an extremely difficult decision – does she want to court Elmer and what is she going to do about her feelings for Elmer? It becomes even more complicated when Elmer asks Rebecca to leave her community to go with him so that they can court in the town where he lives.

Arden and Rebecca speak about the possibility of Rebecca leaving the community. This leads Arden to tell Rebecca that he has feelings for her. She also has feelings for him too. So, she must now decide what she is willing to risk in the name of love.

There are many questions to be asked and much soul-searching and praying to Gott which must be done to figure out what the best path is for Rebecca and the men who are interested in her. Can there be a happy ending for Rebecca, Arden, and Elmer?

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Orpah Lambright loved reading about the Amish at a young age and took many vacations to Amish country with family. Orpah is now a best-selling romance author who specializes in the Amish Romance genre.


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