Susan Hatler

Lasting marriage is about three things… love and respect, trust and teamwork, and commitment.

Jill’s getting married, but not without her grandmother’s charm. It’s an unbreakable tradition. The only problem is, she doesn’t have time to go get it. Her maid-of-honor, Sarah, jumps in to save the day. Sarah promises to fly to Atlanta, get the charm, and be back in time for the wedding.

But things get complicated when Ben, Sarah’s childhood nemesis, volunteers to go too. She can’t do anything to stop him, so she’s pretty sure it’s going to be a trip of non-stop competition and grudges.

Unexpectedly, the charm comes with a challenge, and Ben and Sarah have to team up to get it. That means they have to pretend to be Jill and Ryan for a few days. Can they convince three Grandma’s that they are engaged, in love, and worthy of the charm?

What’s not to love about a second-chance, fake fiance’? Two of my favorite tropes in one book!

Ben’s character starts out with a pessimistic view of marriage. While the story is simplistic, it’s a cute scheme to overcome Ben’s doubts. As he navigates the challenges invented by some well-meaning grandma’s, he finds a reason to believe in marriage again, and Sarah finds reason to believe in him.

If you’re looking for a cute, quick romantic romp, this will do.