M.A. Nichols

“When you marry someone, you bind yourself to them irrevocably. It is easy to love them through the good times, but when the struggles of life come, you need someone who will stick it out.”

-Tabitha’s Father

Falling in love with a man when you’re already married is taboo in any era. Mrs. Russell knows better, but a heart is a hard beast to tame. Captain Ashwood is broken physically and emotionally, but with Tabitha’s careful attention he begins to mend, not just his body, but his heart as well.

I’m not typically a fan of tropes that involve married people, but Nichols handles it well. The characters were honorable and appropriate in dealing with the situation. A bit of a Jane Eyre flair, in fact.

The most impressive aspect of this book is the depth of the characters. They were very real people, with real natures and internal conflicts. Unlike many regency books, this one didn’t skim the surface but dealt with complicated issues and topics.