Stand Alone Novel
Book 1
By: Jennie Goutet

A Regrettable Proposal: A Regency Romance

Jennie Goutet
 A Regrettable Proposal: A Regency Romance

Orphaned at a young age, Eleanor wants nothing more than to settle in a home of her own. Stratford, having met once with betrayal, desires a woman who will be true. When a complicated inheritance forces them together, they little expect this to be the answer to their innermost desires.

Eleanor Daventry has come into money, but she cannot access her inheritance without a husband. Steadfast and independent, she would rather become a schoolmistress than take a husband she does not love.

Stratford Tunstall has just discovered his predecessor willed the estate’s unentailed land to Miss Daventry. Although cynical regarding love, the man recognizes a practical solution when he sees one. He and Miss Daventry must marry, and Stratford wastes no time in pressing his suit — with disastrous results.

In the face of such an insulting proposal, Eleanor flees to London where she lands unwittingly in the home of Stratford’s closest friends. Now thrown together constantly, Eleanor can’t help admiring his masterful apologies, never mind how often he must deliver them. Stratford concedes that, against all his predictions, Eleanor has no shortage of determined suitors.

When combined forces threaten Eleanor’s reputation, Stratford realizes it’s more than her land he cares about. Somehow, he’ll have to convince Eleanor that his coming to her rescue is a deed inspired by love.

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Jennie Goutet is an American-born Anglophile who lives with her French husband and their three children in a small town outside of Paris. Her imagination resides in Regency England, where her best-selling proper Regency romances are set. She is also author of the award-winning memoir Stars Upside Down, two contemporary romances, and a smattering of other published works. A Christian, a cook, and an inveterate klutz, Jennie sometimes writes about faith, food, and life—even the clumsy moments—on her blog, You can learn more about Jennie and her books, and sign up for her newsletter, on her author website:


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