Book 9
By: Brittany Fichter

Breaking Neverland: A Retelling of Peter Pan, Part II

  Neverland is breaking. Wendy has been banished. Peter Pan is losing control.

Author’s Note: This book is the sequel to Neverland Falling, A Retelling of Peter Pan, Part I, and it takes place in the the Classical Kingdoms Collection fairy tale world.

Peter has banished Wendy from Neverland, but she’s determined to return to fetch her brothers. To go back, however, she’ll need a miracle. Such a miracle will be costly, and Wendy must decide whom to trust and how far she’s prepared to go…as well as how willing she is to leave Peter Pan to his fate.

Peter and the Neverstar are upholding a skeleton of the place Neverland once was. And without Wendy beside him, the effort seems doomed to futility. Just as he’s about to give up, though, redemption looms on the horizon…but with it comes sacrifice of monumental proportions.

And while Captain Jay might be gone, his schemes haven’t been forgotten. The more Peter and the captain and Wendy play their dangerous games, the more Neverland begins to crumble. Everything he loves is going to come crashing down, and Peter must choose which to save before he loses it all.

Breaking Neverland is the ninth book in The Classical Kingdoms Collection and is the sequel to Neverland Falling. Read this fairy tale retelling now to experience danger, intrigue, and passionate, clean romance as only fairy tales can give.

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Brittany lives with her Prince Charming, their little fairy, and their tiny prince in a decently clean castle in whatever kingdom the Air Force has most recently placed them. When she's not writing, Brittany can be found with her family (including their spoiled black Labrador), doing chores (she'd rather be writing), going to church, belting Disney songs, exercising, or decorating cakes. You can find more of her work at her website


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