Stand Alone Novel
By: Carol Colyer

A Blooming Garden Full of Love

Carol Colyer

Jane Reeves has just found out that her husband was shot dead by some dangerous bandits. Her life has definitely not been a fairytale so far, but she had found a man to respect her and share the same values. As the ranch is mortgaged to the hilt, and being rather desperate, she accepts Logan’s, her husband’s brother’s proposal without second thoughts. Soon enough though, her decision to get married to a familiar stranger will give her sleepless nights. Can she finally live happily ever after and create the family she craves for?

Logan Reeves has always looked up to his older brother and slightly envied him for both his professional and personal achievements. Now, he feels like he has betrayed him in the worst way possible. Not only did he think about it, but now he is married to his brother’s wife. He has been in love with her from the very first moment he set his eyes on her, but will he be able to deal with all the challenging responsibilities he has committed himself to?

Even though they have both agreed that this is a marriage of convenience, life will once again catch them off guard. An unexpected event will help them understand and confess their true feelings to each other. They won’t survive apart, but can they really survive together? Could love bloom under the pressure of mourning and revenge??

“A Blooming Garden Full of Love” is a historical western romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Carol Colyer was born in Montana where she spent the first 6 years of her life until she moved to Arizona, where she currently lives.

She has studied Geology in South Africa but she never followed that field as she is passionate about writing.

She married at the age of 19 while she was carrying her first son. Now she is divorced and she lives with her second husband who has 2 little kids named after Sarah and Bari. She loves her grandchildren and as she says she gets her inspiration from Bari who wants to become a cowboy when he grows up!

In her spare time, she loves taking after her 2 horses as well as volunteering at church.


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