Stand Alone Novel
By: Bella Brown

Her Christmas Hope

Bella Brown
 Cassidy Bell didn't believe in love.

Instead, she was heading West to marry John Howard after agreeing to a practical arranged marriage as his housekeeper after replying to his advert in the Matrimonial Times. It was miles away from her old life and her dreadful stepbrother.

But on the way, Cassie is involved in a devastating accident in the mountains of Colorado. She, and a small child called Hope, are the only survivors, and they must rely on the handsome stranger who rescues them from certain danger.

Cassie must brave the wilderness with the enigmatic stranger Flynn Reid, and learn to cope with a child, as well as the feelings that Flynn Reid has awoken in her.

Flynn takes them home to Eagles Peak, to the life that she believed she wanted with John. Will John accept the orphan that Cassie has fallen in love with? Will Cassie settle for a loveless, childless marriage when she returns to civilization? Or will she be brave enough to take the chance on love?

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