Stand Alone Novel
By: Lilah Rivers

Their Moment Frozen in Time: An Inspirational Romance

Lilah Rivers

Carly Radcliffe has been in love with Jep Laxon since the day she walked past his studio and agreed to let him take her photograph. That very photograph led to her working as his assistant and spending blissful days collaborating with the man of her dreams. The only thing keeping them from riding off into the sunset together… is the fact that Jep has been in love with someone else for years, pining over a singer he saw perform only once, yet can never forget.

It’s hard to imagine her feelings for Jep ever diminishing, but will she be able to win his affections before he marries someone else?

When Jep tells Carly that he’s going to travel all the way to Colorado in the hopes of tracking down his singer, he’s happily surprised to hear that she wants to join him. What starts out as an expedition to track down his dream woman turns into a dangerous journey that has him questioning everything in his heart. Discovering that Carly’s father has betrothed her to a heartless businessman triggers a sense of protectiveness in Jep. Slowly but surely, he begins to question whether or not he sees her as just a friend and colleague… or something much, much more.

Two beautiful souls working to find what was right in front of them the whole time…

Carly goes through the painful process of helping Jep track down the singer he claims to be the love of his life, all while trying to avoid the bounty hunter her father’s sent after her. What will Jep discover when he meets the woman he’s been wanting all this time? Will their meeting break Carly’s heart into a million pieces, or will it perhaps be a revelation that shows them both what’s in their hearts?

“Their Moment Frozen in Time” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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